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Parent Testimonial


Shreevel | B.Design | IIT Hyderabad | A success story !

Saju S and Ranjini D ( Saish S)

Dear Teachers, Principal and Staff Members, We are really amazed to see the performance of the children in the Annual Day on 19th November. We are sure that every performance of the children reflects the effort, hard work and dedication of each and every teacher. We would like to take this moment to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE for organising such a wonderful event. It was a great treat to our eyes. Thank you once again! From Saish S Saju S Ranjini A

Ganga Devi Karthikeyan (Class 7)

On behalf of all the parents of grade 7, I congratulate the School for the exemplary 13th Annual day Celebrations. As always that school has pulled out a great show of the hidden talents and potentials of all the Students. Organizing, Training, and Execution of an event at this grand scale where all the students are being given an equal opportunity would have been highly challenging and would have involved a lot of effort, especially in the post-pandemic scenario. We parents highly appreciate the efforts and hard work of the management, teachers, and students. The high level of coordination, attention to detail, and synchronization of the digital backdrops were some points that made us feel awestruck. At this Juncture, we also Congratulate all the School Toppers, Teachers, and Non-Teaching Staff who received their Exemplary Awards. It showcased to us the amount of Experience, Knowledge, and Results that are inherent in the School. As parents, we had a happy and fulfilling day yesterday and we wholeheartedly thank you for it. Regards, Ganga Devi Karthikeyan

Pradyumnan R (Pradyumnan R | NIOS | IIT Madras | A Success Story )

Amarnath .H (Tanisha A - 3 A)

I wanted to really narrate my daughter's real time learning experience of the 3 year long pleasurable, spectacular journey with Bustling Victorious Magnificent Global School. They absolutely love their school & teachers. We've been really very impressed with the way the school handled their academic continuity at ease during these pandemic times and bounced back to normalcy in no time. A new avatar for the teachers as well as the students - an instant transformation from the traditional legacy methods of class room teaching to technology driven video teleconferencing cloud meetings, but I must really say from the bottom of my heart, that I am very much amazed to see how quickly the teachers have picked up the new required skills and adapted to them and started delivering the lectures. I personally feel the children never suffered any gaps in subject knowledge areas. The Online classroom deck strength is very reasonable (15 students per class) which allows for a very lower student to teacher ratio.I personally feel this will provide a wider scope for teacher-student communication protocols. Teaching standards scales high. Blending knowledge & compassion is admirable and trying to build kids for the futuristic world is really amazing. Teachers are very nice and helpful Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed and they are very encouraging. They are so great about sharing moments of pride they see within the children – their good behaviors and achievements; and they know the importance of getting the parents involved should an issue arise, and do it in a very respectful, approachable manner. Thanks to the robust,blended & modern educational model of BVM Global School which results in tremendous academic and social development of a child. Starting from School Assemblies,News Reading,Thought For the day,Yoga,Physical Education,Art Classes,Vedic Books & Subject Content prepared and delivered by great knowledgeable teachers are really amazing.I personally had sat for multiple classes along with my daughters and i really enjoy them a lot and indeed still learning from your teachers without paying fee :-) Soft skills,Communication,Logical thinking,Problem solving,Trying to be independent,Accepting Failures,Learning to rise to name a few are all being taught in BVM Global school since they are much more important from the real education to succeed ideally in life. The school also does a stellar job of communicating with parents by sending out periodical updates through technology driven BVM Global APP and things are always transparent & clear. Teachers are always reachable and readily available and we are able to freely pitch in our opinions anytime with them. The school is open to constructive suggestions from parents independently and through PTR. Below quotes really hold true for our school/teachers. /* A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom,well in to the future One Pen One Child One Book One Teacher can change the entire world */ Proud to be in the lines of a compassionate, high-achieving, and well-defined BVM Globalian community,the community - which everyone strives for and is exactly what we were looking for! Once again - Thanks ! and keep doing the amazing work that you are known for.Great Team – Great School!

Senthil Nathan (Visruth M.S. - LKG D)

Understanding Student’s pulse is more important to plan right activities at right age/time specially for KG kids. Teacher-Student bonding is another important aspect these days to keep students engaged in Online Classroom. BVM School Teachers are THE BEST in these area. Thank You BVM.

Ganapathy (Diya .G - LKG D)

My daughter is enrolled in the LKG program. Qualified teacher who appreciate, care and engage every child, outstanding academic program, and small class sizes gave us confidence in the online learning. Daily classes are incredibly balanced with activities & academics. Kids learn through play and have so much fun all while learning math, language, EVS and creative skills. Every month is theme based and structured to teach skills in an engaging and interactive way. Happy to see my daughter like weekdays just because she can attend the class.

Savitha .M (Arudra .R - LKG D)

I would like to thank and appreciate the class teacher of my daughter, who always handles the kids in a cool and friendly way. She is fantastic in making the kids understand the concepts, facts and day-to-day sessions with songs/props/activities in a kids-friendly way. I'm very much pleased with the efforts by the teacher to bond with all the kids and making the online classes interesting and happy learning for the kids.

Vinotha A (Diya - LKG A )

There lot of this I really want to appreciate 1. Giving chance to all the kids 2. Playing phonics songs during break that helps them to memorize it easily 3.Encouraging kids with handmade smiles and toys 4. Engaging kids with role plays and activities. 5. Most importantly you always take the class with smiling face. Thank you for all the effort.

Suganya (Lakshaniyaa - LKG B)

This is parent of Lakshaniyaa.S LKG -B. BVM Global is a great school. The teacher Miss Veena Harriet is very qualified and compassionate and caring towards the kids. She will use different strategies to make the kids listen and understand the concepts. I wonder, my kid in LKG she is writing both capital, small letters, numbers from 1-30 with patterns and phonic sounds. Also my kid started her communication in English and I hope by end of this year, my kid communication will be a big change. All credits and effort goes to Miss. Veena. In the morning , if kids join the class little early she will make those time very effective by playing some kind of rhymes or tricky words . She make the kids maintain discipline in classes which most important. I would appreciate all the effort both teacher and school putting to shape kids. Thanks for everything..

Kanmani (Laavanya LKG- B)

The online class has been very interactive and child friendly learning. My daughter Laavanya is progressing well in reading, writing and colouring etc. Hope she will continue to enjoy the class and develop her skills.

Sasirekha (Prisha P - LKG B)

Veena madam is a favourite teacher who always tries to keep the class lively and interactive. She acknowledges and appreciates kids consistently. She keeps encouraging the child's innovative / creative things like writing or communicating or art work, be it anything... Everytime a new letter is introduced, she asks the children to close eyes and see the related objects as a surprise which my kid just loves it. She comes up with creative ideas to improve the engagement of kids.

Shindhiya Karthick (K Sree Lekha - LKG B)

Early learning years are generally very delicate and that too in this present pandemic situation, as parents we want the reassurance that we've made the absolute right choice for our child. By choosing BVM global for our girl, we have made the best decision that we would never regret. Our girl K.Sree Lekha is in LKG B. A special thanks to her class teacher Mrs.Harriet Veena, who is taking a lot of efforts in bringing the reality and virtual online session into mindful session. Our daughter has always been an enthusiastic child, so it was quite a task at first to make her sit in front of the laptop. But, to our surprise, she became super comfortable with her class teacher over a short time. That was such a biggest relief during the tough lock down days. Her teacher played a vital role in making this transition happen in a smooth manner and she is successful in bringing out the best in every child. We are surprised to see how our child has gradually adapted to the virtual class room set-up and improved upon her participation day by day. It has been a wonderful experience till now and we are hopeful that it will continue like this always. It may be possible for classrooms to survive without iPads and computers, but not without inspirational teachers like you. Thank you for being the irreplaceable teacher that you are. As a proud parent we are glad that our little one is in safe hands and she will come out with flying colours.

Srikanth Vaddi (Sreemanth Vaddi - LKG D)

We heard about BVM Global School from friends and joined my son Sreemanth Vaddi, but after seeing the classes and ways of teaching we think - what we heard was very less. The quality, quantity of knowledge and content in books is easily understandable. Accessories for activities are also provided by the school. Vimala madam is keen about comforting every kid and their participation. Every festival and occasions are celebrated with great efforts, combining other class kids at one place and introducing kids to each other. Every class is well planned and explained to kids with all patience. Thank you BVM Global School for nurturing my kid with ease.

Kumaran K (SaiKrishna.K – LKG D)

HAPPY WITH THE BVM WAY OF LEARNING Being a Parent of a kid, just entering school, I was very worried about the online education system in this pandemic. But to our surprise, the online classes are going so well and my child is doing great. The theme of the month concept, celebration of every festival with the purpose, role plays and fun valley sessions - all gives a Holistic Development to my child. The teacher doing a great job with her enthusiastic, creative and child- friendly approach making every child Interactive.

R. Prabakarkan (Vishnu Prabakaran - Alumni)

Let me first thank you and every teacher in BVM Global School who taught Vishnu Prabakaran for shaping him to get admission into University of Pittsburgh, Bio Engineering course with very good merit scholarships. We relocated to India from US and the transition was very smooth for my son Vishnu Prabakaran who was in 5th grade by policies like no homework, no uniform…. All the teachers were so understanding and caring and took good interest on the well being of all the children both academically and personally. We really admire the good rapport between the teachers and the students. One aspect we liked the most in the school that the Principal and the teachers are very much approachable that any student can go and talk to them for any help or discussion. BVM Global School provided lot of opportunities for the students to participate in different interschool science projects, Debates, MUN(Model United Nation) discussion, cultural events and sports. School showed no discrimination among students and they tried to provide opportunity for every student in interschool competitions. This exposure to various extra curricular activities is the key in getting admission is one of the prestigious university in US for our son. Academically all the teachers are very skillful and efficient in their respective subjects and they make sure that they bring the best of each student. On the whole we are proud parent of BVM Global alumni.

Srikanth Raghavendran (Samyukta Srikanth - 11 B)

BVM learning for my two kids for last 6years have been so good. They are well shaped in all aspects of learning and other extra activities. Dedicated teachers,very responsive and dedicated Principal and vice Principals,really appreciate their efforts and their support particularly during online learning admits this pandemic.

Leela Krishna Mallipeddi (Yathin Mallipeddi - 10 C)

10CWe joined our son in LKG, now he is in 10th Grade. The teachers are very good and like the way they teach and mould the kids. Overall we like the school, especially my kid doesn't want to leave the school.

Nageswara Rao (Andhavarapu Balu - 12 B)

Supportive teachers who always answer the doubts of the students and guide them patiently

Nagarajan Vedaraman (Hrudayesh Nagarajan - 1 A)

As rightly said by Mother Teresa "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving". Choosing BVM Global, Bollineni Hillside for our son was one of the best decisions we made after our relocation to Perumbakkam, Chennai.We wanted our son to complete his schooling in a single school. BVM is a new age school focusing on the holistic development of children. With activities like storytelling, craftwork, cooking, singing, music, dance, games etc. there is never a dull moment for Students or Teachers.With motivated staff and a strong base in the teaching methods, it makes children stay motivated, encouraged and mould them into great personalities.Digital classrooms via Teams make way for an immersive learning experience, and with tailor-made Mobile App based communication platform ensures parents are always informed about the student's activities and accomplishments.Wish Good Luck to the school and may your service build our nation with many strong personalities!!!

Aravind (Akshara - 1 A)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank school team members for nurturing my ward. I really appreciate your efforts for providing quality education and moulding her towards the path which surely will lead to success. It's a privilege to get education in BVM Global @ BHS. Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge.

Sanjay G (Liyah Sanjay - LKG B)

Taking a moment to share a small Token of Appreciation. Happy that My Daughter Liyah Sanjay LKG B Sec is part of BVM Family and am thankful for her Class Teacher Veena Harriet Mam who always stood up at all her flaws, ups and downs and it was a great effort together that makes my daughter very comfortable to grasp things in right sense. Earlier, it was very difficult and challenging to make her attentive in all her classes and there was a different class Teacher whose approach was so Suttle and very less time spent with her. Later, holidays were announced so Liyah was not that much interacted... A kind request to not change the Class Teachers frequently. Now, Overall, it was an awesome effort by Harriet Veena Mam who always interact individually with kids in very less time (an hour) and she ensure to cover all the 15 students in an hour which is really a great job and she is very kind hearted and soft in nature to handle all kids and she never forgot to appreciate the kids in all they do. Appreciate all your great effort. Please continue the way you are and do even more new things for kids in future. All the Very Best for your Success!

Ashwin (Aarit - 2 D )

As parents, personally we felt BVM Global @ Bollineni Hillside, a right choice for my son. He is studying from LKG, and now in 2nd Grade. We were initially worried, how will be the quality of education during the pandemic. Surprisingly school has adopted a good online learning platform, educational video preparations, and actively engaging kids in the online classes. Apart from covering core subjects, putting emphasis on Arts, Physical Training, Music in online to kids, enables them to be active in the pandemic period. Most importantly, making kids to engage and participate in activities for festivals, important national events are interesting. Kudos to the teachers involved here. Finally thanking BVM Global @ Bollineni Hillside for putting their innovations in kids learning.

Vijaya Raghavan B (V Tarunraghav – 2 D)

We are so glad to be part of BVM global family. All the staffs are so friendly and reachable for all of our queries / needs. Teachers pay attention and take care of each and every child in the class. We would also like to appreciate the huge effort taken by the school management and the staffs for the online classes during the pandemic. There are lot of improvement in many terms in my kid and we would like to again thank his teachers for their tremendous efforts.

Srinivas V (Sri Naga Sanvitha 1 E)

My kid's journey starting point was from B.V.M she joined in Pre-kg now she's in 1st class E section. We're blessed to have co- operative teachers and entire staff in B.V.M. Feel that kid is in safe hands. There's holistic approach in development kid. Would like to thank each and everyone for the tremendous effort and their support helping kids even in pandemic time.

Praveen Kumar R (P.Avyukth - 8B )

I am a new Parent and my kids P.Avyukth 8B & P.Avanthika 2E both studying in your school starting from this academic year. Taking this opportunity would like to share my quick feedback as we completed 1st quarter successfully. First we want to thank all the teachers and school management who continued to take on the COVID situation in a right approach. The school is doing really very good in teaching and on academic aspects. Moreover school is trying its best to bring the features of physical school into online classes. The teachers are very approachable and friendly as well. Kudos to your management!!

T.Thangapriya (K. SREEKRIYA - 4A)

BVM GLOBAL school, as I see as a parent, promotes students talents improves social skills, nurtures cultural values besides imparting knowledge. Al these reflect in the activities festivities and projects. Dedicated teachers and a good headship and management provide positive learning environment where students learn to interact, express and give their best.

Subashree S (Class 12)

My Experience

Paul Murugan M (Tejas Karthikeyan P - 7 D)

My son is now in 7th Grade .. he is in the school right from Prekg. Teachers are very cooperative and encouraging .. Even during the pandemic kids have not missed anything academic wise... Teachers are taking more efforts for making the classes interactive during the pandemic. Really thankful for the same to all the teachers and the school management.

Kanuvu naidu S (Kiirthi Naidu - 10 A)

A good value centric school focussing on overall development of the child. Excellent school with all extra curricular activities, well equipped class rooms and lab,well stocked library, good play ground with qualified coach and instructors,one of the best school in chennai provides best teaching methodology, students are performing well in Academics as well as in other activitie like sports.

Rahul (Akshitha R - PreKG A)

The school curriculum is designed in such a way that my daughter finds it easy and fun to learn. The teaching is also very professional and each student is given good chances to express themselves. Keep up the good work.

Praveen Kumar S (Sangavi P - PreKG A)

While joining our kid for Pre-kg in BVM, We had a thought, how teacher is going to handle the classes for these little kids online. Now we don't have that question, because Anchana mam the class teacher of our daughter Sangavi, handling the class very well and keeping the kids engaged in all possible ways. With well planned syllabus and methodological teaching with fun activities making the kids to sit in the class joyfully. As part of her teaching, most interesting part were Phonics training & Art-craft session. Our daughter loves to murmur jolly phonics song all the time. Happy for our kid's Happy learning.

Raja S (Ananyaa - 3 B)

As a parent, I am very much impressed in the way all the teachers have adopted to the new way of teaching and excelled in their performance. The children jelled even in this mode of education with the teachers in the school. My children never felt that they were away from school and teachers'' vicinity. Even the written work and assessments are being conducted regularly as like in the physical school which helped the children progress well in this mode of education.

Aditi (Class 12)

My Experience

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