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India’s First Experiential CS+AI Curriculum

Blended Learning Approach

Global Experience

Learn from Industry Leaders and Experts

Our World class CS+AI curriculum and resources will enable students to discover and prepare themselves to be Future Ready!

Experience India’s First AI Lab @ BVM Global!

AI LAB is a state-of-the-art learning platform brought to you by BVM Global in partnership with AI World School and is designed to enable students to experience Transformational AI & Coding education.

Mapped to AI Curriculum

The AI curriculum is aligned to the standards as prescribed by CBSE and ATL NASSCOM.

Our comprehensive and experiential curriculum curated by a team of experts follows the 5 Big Ideas in AI as proposed by USA based AI4K12 task force led by Dr Dave Touretzky from Carnegie Mellon University. The AI4K12 initiative is joint project of CSTA, AAAI, CMU and NSF Govt of USA.

Hands-on & Experiential AI Learning Experiences

Blended learning carried out via tutor-led and remote learning content along with AI tools and software that will complement the theory part of the AI Curriculum.

Designed & curated by Engineers & Educators trained & certified by ISTE – USA, Intel, IBM, and Professors from Oxford University UK & Graz University of Technology, Austria.

Certification in AI Education

Students will receive certification upon completion to highlight their mastery and understanding of AI.

Participate in International AI & Coding Competitions

Students will gain a global experience and gain a growth mindset.

The advantage of CS + AI curriculum

By the time most of today’s students enter the workforce, AI would be well established. That’s why Artificial Intelligence needs to become part of basic technology literacy as part of the school curriculum.

BVM Global’s CS+AI Curriculum will help students develop future-proof skills-based curriculum around coding and artificial intelligence In order to compete in a fast-changing world.

Impacts of Learning AI

Higher Education

Computer Science is among the highest paying college degrees and are expected to grow by 2x annually.

Demand in Job Market

In a recent survey, AI and Data science courses are the second most preferred engineering courses due to the demand in the job market.


By 2025, growing job demand for 97 million people will be needed for jobs such as AI and machine learning specialists, process automation specialists, big data specialists, and more.

Students having a background knowledge in AI at the school level will greatly help this.


AI is becoming prevalent across various industries.

43% of businesses have added data scientists / data quality analysts in their workforces, and 35% want to do the same by 2025.

Preparing the Class of 2030

Why BVM? The Parent’s Choice!

  • These days, it can be a challenge to choose the right school for your children’s higher secondary education.
  • The world is also changing faster than ever. Our children more than ever need to face these challenges and navigate them successfully in the future. To combat this we believe that innovation, creativity & STEM skills will be essential to prepare your child to become future-ready.
  • Our Computer Science + AI curriculum provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and for career opportunities. It is important that every child is digitally literate in order to thrive and succeed in an increasingly complex world.
  • Children will engage with a variety of hands-on CS+AI challenges that enable 21st-century education and helps them develop their creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills.
  • Students get to become part of an exclusive worldwide AI community which is all about exchanging ideas & knowledge with fellow students, building projects on their own, and sharing their real-world applications and experiences globally.

Expert Advisory Board

We are proud to partner with and being connected to eminent experts in the fields of AI, Computer Science and STEM Education.

Dr. Pratyush Kumar,
Assistant Professor
IIT Madras

Dr. Wolfgang Slany
Inventor of POCKET CODE,
Professor, TU Graz, Austria

Dr. Ken Kahn
Oxford University (UK)

Donna Knoell
Globally renowned STEM School Education Expert

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